Sendblaster: είναι το καλύτερο πρόγραμμα μαζικής αποστολής email και διαχείρισης της λίστας σας.

Υπηρεσία Smtp

Service SMTP helps on common smtp troubles

Having trouble with your SMTP provider? Need to send reliable and timely mailings? can help! powered by We proudly announce we have partnered with, the longest established independent SMTP provider on the Internet, in order to offer you a professional and high quality SMTP service. The average SMTP service, which usually comes bundled […]

Good e-mail marketing needs good SMTP service

When you send out your mailing using SendBlaster you have two alternative options: use Direct Send or an external SMTP server. If you use Direct Send, SendBlaster uses its built-in SMTP server, which runs locally. When a mail has to be delivered, the following happens: It queries DNS servers in order to find out the […]

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